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The Occultarrim is a legendary stronghold, far removed from society and full to the brim with monsters.  However, legend says that the secret of immortality hides within its walls!  That's what you, the adventurer, are here for - to conquer the Occulltarrim and discover the secret of immortality!


Stronghold Keep is a Dark Souls-esque dungeon crawler.  It was a created in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Game Development II course by the following team of Juniors:

Player and Level Programmer: Jay Franklin (frankj6@rpi.edu)

Enemy AI Programmer: Max Sichel (msik314@gmail.com)

Character Modeler and Animator: Daniel Stockbridge (dstockbridge19@gmail.com)

Environmental Artist, Level Designer, and UI Artist: Noah Akinloba (noahakinloba@hotmail.com)

UI Designer, Level Designer, and Project Manager: Kyler Kubo (kylergkubo@gmail.com)

Writer and Sound Designer: Jordan Peloquin (jpeloquin16bf@gmail.com)


Stronghold Keep Team 3 Gold Master Build.zip 136 MB

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